Sunday, April 6, 2014

C4T Summary March

This month I was assigned to Marc Prensky's blog. In his first video Marc Prensky and Stephen Heppell are talking to each other having a discussion about how to make kids not be afraid of being wrong and asking questions. Marc starts the conversation about how we want kids to answer questions not ask if they can ask a question. They talk about how they want kids to fail sometimes, because it only helps them to learn. I commented saying that a great way to help students become unafraid to ask questions is always encourage their questions and listen. Right or wrong we should appreciate their effort for trying.

Another video I watched of Marc Prensky is What is going to happen next in education. Mr. Prensky and Mr. Heppell talk about how students teach themselves from watching videos and looking the information online. Another thing Mr. Heppell said that he thinks we should make learning and our education cheaper, which I also agree with because everyone deserves a chance at a good education. I commented on Mark's blog saying that I really liked what Mr Prensky said "That schools should be more of a motivator, motivate and guide the kids through school." which is having the students teach themselves and we as teachers using our knowledge to help the students learn what they need to know.

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