Sunday, April 6, 2014

C4K March

My first child I commented on was Danielle, a student from Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand and she was learning how to write and form sentences. She made a story about Harold, the giraffe and also drew a picture of Harold. I commented how I really liked her drawing of Harold and how she was a better artist than me. Also about how she did good on her story and her sentences and she needs to keep up the good work.

Next I commented on Neo's blog, another student from Pt. England School. Neo talks about how they visited Tamaki College, where the students from the college taught Neo and his classmates the importance of physical education. I commented on his blog saying,"Tamaki College sounds like a fun experience, I know when I was your age I was always glad to get out of the classroom. Staying healthy and fit is very important and it is great to get in the habit now, rather than later."

This week I commented on Korobeau's blog. She was showing us how to add and subtract by changing numbers. I commented on her blog saying how she did a really good job on showing us how to add and subtract and that everyone has a hard time learning math, so it is great to find easier ways to solve problems.
Kids using a mac

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