Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog Post #9

For this week's blog post we were assigned to watch Little Kids...Big Potential and a Skype interview between Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy. In the video Little Kids... Big Potential, the kids talked about how they are learning so many things through blogging and how they enjoy it. They can see their progression and so can their parents at any time. To me I think that is very important because parents sometimes don't always get to see their students work and for Ms. Cassidy's class they can go online to their kids blog and see all the work they have done. They also use wikis, where they can learn by looking at videos and articles that are safe for the kids to research. They also use Skype to talk to other students and experts around the world.

In the other three Skype videos, Ms. Cassidy talks about how her students learn through the internet and encourages her students to start learning by their interests. She seems to have everything down and has many great tips for us and how to keep the children safe. She sends forms to the parents letting the parents know all what their children will be posting and making sure they are okay with it, which is very important. She also makes sure the kids never post their pictures and only use their first name, not their last name. Another point I like that Ms. Cassidy made is that how her kids love writing blog post because everyone can see and comment on. Instead of her just being able to see it and grade it on pencil and paper, the whole world can contribute and see what they are seeing and kids enjoy that.

Ms. Cassidy seems to be a great teacher and it seems that her students really enjoy her class. She has a lot of useful tips that we can use as future teachers. You can tell that Ms. Cassidy loves her job and really cares for her students and wants the best out of them.
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  1. "Another point I like that Ms. Cassidy made is that how her kids love writing blog post because everyone can see and comment on." Kids really do enjoy this part of the blogging experience and as an EDM student participating in C4K assignments, you are contributing to this experience for them.

  2. I like that the parents are able to see the children’s progress in their classes at any time. Parents do not have to be worried about not seeing how their child is doing. I think the safety for kids on the internet these days are very important especially for younger children. I am glad the children enjoy blogging. It keeps them involved with their classmates and others.