Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blog post #10

This week's blog post we were assigned to watch Sir Ken Robinson's Bring on the Learning Revolution speech. Mr. Robinson had many great points, he talked about how education is trying to evolve our education; but Mr. Robinson said we don't need an evolution, he said that we need a revolution. Robinson talks about how college isn't for everyone, and that you don't have to rush into college. Do what you want to do, the problem Mr. Robinson said is, that our education is adopting the fast food life style. Everyone is wanting to worry about college, get through school do your best so that we can get accepted into a good college for a good job. Robinson believes that many people are unhappy with there job is because they aren't using their talents. If you're doing something you don't enjoy then it's gonna seem like an eternity when you're there, but if you're doing something you are passionate about then time will fly by. I agree with Mr. Robinson that college isn't for everyone, that you should do what you are passionate about. Robinson says a little joke about talents, he said that him and Eric Clapton got a guitar around the same time but it worked out for Clapton, the guitar wasn't his thing. Another thing I learned is that we need to customize our educational system. We need to make kids interested in learning have it fit for what the children's interest are. Many people get bored of school and don't want to be there and we need that to change.


  1. I agree that some classrooms these days don't engage students enough. They get bored with the activities and projects because they are used to technology and more up-to-date concepts. We as teachers have to use these new ways of learning to help our students be interested. Good post, remember to add in links :)

  2. I agree with you Josh that education should be customized to the students. Everyone does not learn the same way nor do the same things interest them . For years we were taught that Knowledge is Power and if you get a education you will go far in life, but like Sir
    Ken said college is not for everyone