Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Post 6

This weeks blog post is on PNL which stands for Personal Learning Network. It is basically a very effective tool teachers or students can use to organize their links for school, research, entertainment and whatever else they would like to add. The great thing about PNL is that you can quickly connect with many different professionals and researchers all from your personalized page. I decided to use Symbaloo for my PNL. It was easy to sign up and changing my tiles around. But I'm still trying to get the hang of all the details.

I have always had a twitter, but I never really used it that much. But I never thought I was use it the way I do now. I also have never used Pinterest, I always thought it was for girls and their arts and crafts. But now I realize how many ideas you can get from using Pinterest. I think PLN is a very useful tool that everyone should use because it is great to have all of your learning tools organized and displayed, ready to be accessed quickly from a click away. I will be using Symbaloo a lot more and hope I can use it more efficiently than I am now.


  1. Pinterest is full of inspiring ideas!
    You mentioned Symbaloo. Have you tried using Google in much the same way? My home pc's chrome settings are automaticaly loaded anytime and anywhere on any computer I sign into chrome. This has the added bonus of Keep, Drive, Gmail... etc.
    Good luck with your network.

  2. Remember that a PLN isn't a "tool". It's a network of people and resources you can connect with that can help you in your education career. Also, you need to add alt/title modifiers to your picture.